• Personal Details
    • Full Name: Adekanye Timothy
    • Email: Adekanye.Timothy@lmu.edu.ng
  • Profile and Manifesto

    Dr. Timothy Adekanye is a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, College of Engineering, Landmark University. He is the current SIWES Coordinator. I am contesting for the post of President of the LUSCML. LUSCML has come a very long way since inception and there is a need for sustainability of good work done by the outgoing executives. Many of us would have preferred that the outgoing Executives continue if the law permits.

    Why am I contesting for the post of President? This is a critical time for our Cooperative Society and it is imperative that we work with determination to ensure that this Society is considered to be a valued, worthwhile and effective body. I have a long and wide range of experience in practice, on Council and committees and in some of the challenging roles I have held. Working with the outgoing Executive, I believe we (LUSCML) can make good progress over the next two years. I can offer the commitment, time, energy, enthusiasm and experience the President s role needs today.

    My Agenda

    • Build on the good work that has already been done to improve our Society.
    • Strengthen cooperators participation in decision-making (one general meeting in a semester).
    • Ensure reduction of interest on loans.
    • Respecting cooperators' rights and equal opportunities
    • Protecting interest and investments of members.
    • Use ICT for all loan applications and processing

    I'm running for President because I want to make this Society more exciting, more ethical and more accessible! I have the determination, passion and skills, to effect changes that will benefit every member of the Society.

    So, let's make this happen, vote TIMOTHY ADEKANYE for LUSCML President.