• Personal Details
    • Full Name: Adebimpe Olukayode
    • Email: Adebimpe.Olukayode@lmu.edu.ng
  • Profile and Manifesto


    I joined the service of Landmark University in August, 2013 and joined the Landmark Cooperative in November, 2013. I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics and presently the Acting Head of Department, Physical Sciences. I have been a member of many university committees since 2014.


    My programmes for the Landmark University Staff Cooperative Society if elected are stated below:

    1. I will ensure that the available resources are effectively, efficiently and economically managed for the benefits of the entire cooperators.
    2. I will also ensure that cooperators are carried along in decision making. There will be orderliness in the running of the day to day affairs of the cooperative society.
    3. Periodically as stated in the bye-law, I will ensure that calls are made for the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) so as to brief the cooperators about the state of things in the Cooperative Society.
    4. I will also consider other businesses that will bring income to the cooperative, while suggestions are also welcomed from members on a more income generating ventures for the Cooperative.
    5. I will ensure that there is proper coordination of the central executives in the fear of God for the growth and advancement of the Society.

    Your vote for me is a vote for transparency, accountability and equity.

    Thank you.


    O. Adebimpe (Ph.D.)